New Semester Alert!

The Governance Board of the Covenant Community Groups announces the commencement of a new semester.

If you were not one of the over 3000 people taking part in the last cycle/semester, then this is your opportunity to be part of an even larger and more diverse community grouping, as we launch a new cycle.

To those who have been part of the community group system, we look forward to welcoming you back as you explore the options of either enrolling to a new group of interest, or re-registering to your old one, if you feel you have unfinished business there 😃.

Whatever your choice, the new cycle promises to be a productive and exciting one as we strive to break new grounds and harness the extensive gains from the last semester, made more interesting by the unplanned COVID 19 lockdown.

Remember; purpose of these community groups is to create channels of interaction for people with similar interests, create a haven for new members, foster integration, fellowship, and to mitigate missed opportunities as a result of unharnessed relationships within the Church.

Are you as excited as we are? Then get ready to participate!

A first timer? Testimonies abound!

But do not take our word for it; get involved and see for yourself.



  1. First time Parents - Members who either just had their first babies or are pregnant with their first babies
  2. Covenant Parents - Parents with children of varying ages that want to support themselves and learn from their various experiences. Provides opportunities for their children to also network with families of similar values
  3. Single Parents - Individuals who are almost solely responsible for raising their children as a result of distance/separation from or demise of their spouses.
  4. Parents of Children with Special Needs - Parents taking care of children with special needs.
  5. Work from Home Mothers - Mothers who work from home (this includes stay at home moms)
  6. Young Men’s Community - For mentoring young single men on life, relationships and marriage
  7. Working Singles - Corporate Professionals that are single who are looking to grow in their carriers whilst also forming relationships leading towards marriage.
  8. More Than Conquerors - Those who have conquered/overcoming a terminal illness. To provide advocacy and support members to get back to their normal lives
  9. Health and Fitness - Those who have a focus on lifestyle changes to improve their general physical wellbeing. They are focused on diet, exercise, and preventive measures against illness
  10. Expats & Other Nationals - A community of members who are non-Nigerians living in Nigeria to provide support to each other as they navigate living and working in Nigeria.
  11. Purposeful Waiting - Members waiting on God for a specific need. The goal is to enable people live full lives whilst waiting on God.
  12. Senior Citizens - Members that are over 60years or that have grandchildren. The group will organize themselves for impact initiatives, member support, bible study and prayers.
  13. New Skills - Members who want to learn something new within three months e.g. new language, baking, biking, makeup, barbing, etc.
  14. Projects - Members who would like to complete a specific task within a timeframe. Example, making a short film, writing a book etc. The goal is to build accountability and support groups.
  15. Grief and Loss Assistance & Recovery Community (GLARC) - For individuals who have experienced the pain of loss and require assistance to regain stability and balance. The Community will help members to move beyond the feelings of helplessness and hopelessness to a life of new possibilities.
  16. The Diaspora Group - Community of believers living outside Nigeria but follow the ministry of Pastor Poju Oyemade (The Covenant Nation)
  17. Newly-weds/Honeymooners - Newly married couples within the first 24 months of their marriage journey


  1. People in-between Jobs - Networking, training and sharing ideas on how to reposition themselves
  2. Emerging Entrepreneurs Employed professionals who currently run a side business and those who plan to transition from paid employment to become full-time entrepreneurs
  3. Middle Managers - Middle Managers in organizations that desire to leap to senior management
  4. Senior Managers - Senior Managers that desire to break into executive management and Board positions
  5. New Managers - Those who have recently been promoted to positions where they are responsible for others – focus on team management/leadership development
  6. Work and Study - Professionals studying for professional courses, degrees, masters, PhD and those seeking guidance in combining work and studies
  7. Working Mothers - Mothers who double as professionals in Corporates and Government. Focus on work-life balance – home and office
  8. Legal Practitioners Community- Fellowship for lawyers, Judges and all other members of the legal profession with the mission to positively influence the profession.
  9. Finance Professionals Community - Fellowship for CFOs, Finance Managers, Controllers, Accountants, Auditors, etc.
  10. Bankers’ Community - Community for all Bankers with the mission to positively influence the banking industry
  11. Sales and Marketing Professionals - Members who are responsible for driving sales in their organizations. Opportunity to share viable ideas and encourage one another
  12. Millennials at Work - Group of high-flying millennials in the corporate world.
  13. The CEOs - Fellowship for CEOs and those in Boards of relatively large companies
  14. HealthCare Professionals Community - Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, practitioners in HMOs and all other healthcare professionals with a mission to positively influence the medical profession
  15. Women in Leadership - Women in senior leadership positions in Corporations or Government
  16. HR Professionals Group - Fellowship for new and seasoned HR practitioners.


  1. People in Governance - People in Governance or senior civil/public service
  2. Politics for Beginners - People that want to go into politics at any level


  1. Fresh Graduates - Community for fresh graduates and final year students of tertiary institutions. Platform for mentoring and career guidance
  2. Scholars - Group of students with the goal to make a First Class
  3. Post Graduate Study Group - People engaged in postgraduate studies, and those who aspire to be admitted to specific schools of interest (e.g. Ivy League schools, etc.)
  4. Prolonged Post Graduate Study - People that have undergone or currently undergoing a prolonged postgraduate study
  5. Speed Mentoring - Meet with Mentors and Mentees in diverse Industries.

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